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Single-Sided Applicator Brushes

Aluminum Handle

Non-magnetic, lightweight aluminum handle. Constructed with strong mechanical clamping for maximum fiber retention, and contains no adhesives that can leach out and contaminate surface areas.

Brass Handle

Brass tube applicator brush filled with .003 Brass to suit the demands your working environment dictates. All have strong mechanical fiber clamping for maximum fiber retention.

Plated Steel Handle

An inexpensive utility duster/cleaner that is an excellent replacement for disposable acid brushes that quickly shed fibers. Zinc plated steel handle holds the fibers in place by 5 tons of mechanical clamping and without any adhesives that could leach out and contaminate surface areas.

Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless Steel handle applicator brushes for excellent chemical resistance.

Plastic Handle

Pencil shaped applicator brush with acetal handle and nylon fills. For use in situations where you need a round brush to clean fine areas. Works well for applying liquids or fluids. Epoxy set with high temperature adhesive that is perfect for autoclavable product applications.

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