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Round Sash Brushes

100% black China fill round sash brush used for trim work. Chisel edge trim and a lacquered wood handle.

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The popularity of round sash brushes results from their versatility and many features and benefits! When looking to use a specific brush for a specific job, it’s important to find the perfectly structured brush to complete the job most effectively. Sash brushes are named as such because they were originally used to reach the awkward areas is sash windows that were popular in the 19th century. Today round sash brushes have many uses and applications and are generally used for trim and edging, applying oil-based paints, stains, enamels and other solvents. They have retained their original use on window mullions and muntins but are also commonly used on machinery, pipes and other intricate and hard-to-reach areas and for dusting and car detailing. Our Gordon Brush® round sash brushes are made with 100% black China bristle with a chisel-edged trim, a corrosion-resistant nickel-plated ferrule and a lacquered wooden handle. 

Our #1 rated sash brushes also have many advantages over standard applicators or paint brushes on the market. For example, our professional quality commercial sash brushes do not splay out or get damaged easily like an average or lesser quality brush. The robust structure and superior quality of this type of brush ensures that every time it is used, potential damage or wear is minimized if used properly. When painting or cleaning many types of different surfaces, our high-quality sash brush guarantees an even coat of cleaning solvent or paint, in contrast to a more basic painting or cleaning brush that can render inferior results with uneven coatings.

Order your own Gordon Brush® round sash brush today and see for yourself the difference between us and other brush makers out there. We can promise using our sash brushes will make your daily life so much easier. As an American manufacturer, you can order your very own custom round sash brushes from our brush experts as well if there are particular specifications you need that are not included in our inventory of stock industrial brushes. We can make any brush you need, so just tell us what, and your order will be on its way. Shop today!


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