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eMOP™ Bucketless Floor Cleaning System

Going far beyond the current gravity-fed systems, the forth generation eMOP™ is a fully pressurized spray mop which dispenses uncontaminated cleaning solution directly to the floor. This lightweight, well balanced and ergonomic tool is designed from the ground-up to support modern, green-cleaning programs. With significant economic savings in reduced chemical usage, reduced water usage, and decreased staff time to perform floor cleaning tasks, the eMOP™ delivers improved cleanliness while reducing costs and environmental impact.

eMOP™ Floor Cleaning Pads

Heavy duty scrub pad available for the removal of stubborn, ground-in dirt. Refill heavy duty microfiber floor cleaning wet pads available.

eMOP™ Flat Mop Dry Duster

Comes with a heavy duty dry pad for dusting and sweeping and a telescoping adjustable handle. Refill dry pads available.

Speedy Mop® Roller Sponge Mop

Speedy Mop® roller sponge mop is designed to transfer the natural mopping action into a rolling, digging action in the sponge head, quickly loosening ground-in dirt. The genuine cellulose sponge head is five times more absorbent than foam rubber. Wringer rollers squeeze dirt and water out of the sponge head.

Speedy Mop® Refill

Sponge head refill is genuine cellulose, five times more absorbent than a foam rubber mop head. 

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