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Paster Brushes

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In the printing industry, the key to high productivity in continuous web converting operations hinges on the ability to introduce new rolls of web material into the operation with splicing accuracy approaching 100 percent. The paster operation uses a paster device that irons on the expiring web to the adhesive on the tail of the new roll. Uniform and reliable pasting is critical for a constantly reliable splicing operation. The paste must be firm and uniform across the roll to assure a good splice.

A paster brush is used to accomplish the splicing of the old roll to the new roll. A paster brush provides a more uniform paste on rolls of material with uneven surfaces since the brush fills conform to the roll’s surface. The soft fills do not cause a bounce problem and the wider contact pressure prevents the outer wraps from shifting. After the splice paste has been made marrying the expiring web to the new roll of material, the final operation is to cut off the expiring web.

The application for a paster brush is typically on splicing operations handling heavier weight materials that are non-extensible, unwound at high tensions (above 3 pli) and are prone to diameter variations across the roll.

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. offers a full line of paster brushes for the printing industry along with its full line of American-made, standard and specialty (custom brushes) for many industries including aerospace, medical, electronics, and the military.

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