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Static Dissipative ESD Brushes

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The static dissipative brush is just one of Gordon Brush's ESD (Electro Static Discharge) brush models. Our ESD and clean-room brush line has developed over time to meet the specific needs for the electronics industry as well as industries where static electric buildup or charges are detrimental to the manufacturing process. The ESD brush line has been expanded to formally include clean-room applications. The ESD brush line consists of Gordon Brush's static dissipative brushes which are made with a special Static Dissipative Nylon we call Statigo9 or SD Nylon.

Static Dissipative Nylon / Statigo9 are type 6.12 Nylons that has a static dissipative additive that is mixed into the Nylon pellets prior to extrusion. This means that there is no coating that can flake or peel since the additive is actually part of the Nylon's resin matrix. SD Nylon is available in most any stiffness, which is determined by strand diameter. We stock the following sizes: .003", .006", .008", .010" and .016" with .003" being the softest. SD Nylon / Statigo9 will dissipate a static charge on an electronically charged surface in a slow controlled manner, typically desired in the electronics industry.

The surface resistivity of Static Dissipative Nylon / Statigo9 is 109 to 1011 Ohms / cm. It is non-sparking and is an excellent choice for delicate circuit board cleaning applications where shorts or EOS (Electronic Over Stress) events must be avoided.

When properly grounded, static dissipative Nylon brushes can remove the static charge that makes dust and particles cling to work surfaces. Static Dissipative Nylon also has excellent abrasion resistance, excellent bend recovery, and excellent chemical resistance. It does not break easily, has a strong anti-bacterial performance and is FDA approved for food applications.

Static Dissipative Nylon / Statigo9 Brushes

Gordon Brush offers a variety of static dissipative Nylon brushes in standard styles and shapes to accommodate your needs. Brush styles range from the Plastic Handle Applicator Series (ex.250S9S) to the SST Series (stainless steel handles shaped like a pencil) to the Aluminum and Plastic Handle Series (toothbrush-style).

The Dissipative Brushes are made with static dissipative plastic or conductive (metal) handles since a path to ground, typically through the operator, is required for proper dissipation. If your application is not sensitive to EOS (Electronic Over Stress) events or possible sparking, a conductive brush may be more effective in bringing the surfaces charges to neutral. See the Conductive brush page for brush part numbers and dimensions.

Following are links to our Static Dissipative Nylon / Statigo9 brushes:

Gordon Brush also offers Static Dissipative Nylon in a variety of brush styles including strips, cylinders, blocks, and copper center wheels. Just let us know your needs, and we will design the brush for you.