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Industrial Brush Manufacturer, Gordon Brush on World’s Greatest

Gordon Brush, industrial brush manufacturer, featured on “World’s Greatest!...”  television show, that introduces some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, and people in the world. 

Why is Gordon Brush the “World’s Greatest” industrial brush manufacturer?

Gordon Brush stocks more than 15,000 different styles of specialty and industrial brushes,  and adds 8-10 new brush styles to our product offering inventory each week.  Additionally, we can custom design brushes for any application, and aren’t afraid to make custom brushes out of new or different materials.  Some of the custom brushes we make have been as small as a human hair or as large as 10 feet!

Gordon Brush’s customers include government and corporate clients like NASA, the US Army and Texas Instruments even on the Space Shuttle, Moon, Mars and Outer space.  They’ve come to rely on Gordon Brush to make the custom brushes they need, and you can count on them too. 

Contact Gordon Brush today for industrial, specialty and custom brushes!