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Wood Handle Brushes

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1 Row Plywood Handle Brushes

Laminated plywood handle, bent for knuckle protection, and filled with tufts in a 1 x 9 row configuration.

2 Row Plywood Handle Brushes

Laminated plywood handle, bent for knuckle protection, and filled with thick tufts in a 2 x 9 row configuration. Slightly larger and heavier duty than our basic "toothbrush-style" 30 series below.

3 Row Plywood Handle Brushes

Our 30 series is our most popular all-purpose “toothbrush-style,” bent for knuckle protection. This standard tool is the basic brush for every tool kit.

4 Row Plywood Handle Brushes

A popular larger brush with a strong plywood handle and a fill material for any surface. Works well for cleaning or roughing.

5 Row Plywood Handle Brushes

Large hand-held brush with a plywood handle that is shaped for an easier grip. Wider brush face is great for roughing and/or washing large surfaces.

Plywood Handle Hand-Laced Brushes

“Toothbrush-style” plywood handle. Fill material hand tied with stainless steel wire, remains secure even in wet environments when wood handle expands and contracts. Greater density than staple set brushes.

Heavy Duty Hand-Laced Brushes

Filament is hand tied with stainless wire into a heavy-duty plywood handle for maximum fiber retention. Brush face for 46 Series is 1-5/8" x 7/8". 81 Series has a longer 2-11/16" x 13/16" brush face.

Long Handle Platers’ Brushes

Long, slightly curved hardwood handle with 2, 3, or 4 rows, densely filled, for uniform cleaning and polishing.

Long Handle Scratch Brushes

Long, slightly curved hardwood or plastic handle with 2, 3, or 4 rows, densely filled with even trim for uniform cleaning.

Narrow Long Handle Platers’ Brushes

299991 has a slightly curved plywood handle with a 4" x 1/4" brush part. 359994 has a straight hardwood handle with a 4-3/4" x 1/2" brush part. Both brushes work well for cleaning long, narrow areas.

Scratch Brush with Scraper

Heavy duty brush has a scraper attached to a flat wood handle for cleaning paint, rust and dirt off welds and castings.

Shoe Handle Platers’ Brushes

Platers’ brushes made with fine fill material are recommended for use on plated parts and for fine metal finishing. Hardwood shoe handle is contoured for a comfortable grip.

Shoe Handle Scratch Brushes

Solid hardwood shoe handle, contoured for a comfortable grip, filled with durable metal for cleaning abrasion-resistant materials.

Potash Hand-Tied Cotton Brush

Extra soft swab brush made with heavy cotton yarn, hand sewn with Nylon thread into a wood handle. Brush part measures approximately 8" long by 4-1/2" wide. Great for polishing aluminum.

Long Handle Hand-Laced Brushes

Same width and trim length as the 15 series (above), but with an extra long 14" handle for a longer reach.

Rotary Pumice and Scrub Brushes

A round, rotary brush that can be used with scrubbing machines or flexible shafts. 5" diameter, 1" thick plywood block, and a standard 1/2" recessed arbor hole. Also used extensively for cleaning printed circuit boards.

T-Slot Brush

Easy-grip angled handle with a T-shaped scraper. An excellent tool for cleaning chips and dirt out of T-slots on machine tables. Polypropylene fill material will not absorb cutting fluids.

Orange Stick Brushes

Orange stick handle is chiseled on one end for small debris removal. Natural fill material includes soft goat hair, medium horse hair and stiff hog bristle. A great tool to clean or lightly scrape tiny areas.

Small Upright Brushes

Two different styles that work well for getting into areas that are tight or at an unusual angle. WA12 style is also known as a typewriter brush. The brush part on the WB10 series is angled 30°.

Large Upright Brushes

Two longer, narrow shapes made with an upright hardwood handle, for dusting or cleaning. Also great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Large Applicator (Dope) Brush

Wood handle with black horse hair fill material, firmly held by a metal ferrule. Inexpensive and commonly used for pipe dope, but also recommended for gluing, pasting, soldering and as a large acid brush.

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