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Horse Hair Brushes

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Horse Hair is a durable hair that is soft to slightly stiff, used for scratch-free dry brushing and polishing. Not resistant to acids or alkalis. Heat tolerant to 370°F.

Gordon Brush manufactures a large selection of horse hair brushes. Shop online for standard natural bristle brushes, or Contact Gordon Brush to custom order natural bristle brushes.

Uses for Horse Hair Brushes

Because horse hair is soft-to-slightly stiff and durable, it can be used for sweeping and dust removal on polished surfaces. It provides scratch-free cleaning buffing, dusting and finishing for a variety of applications. Additionally, it is used in cleanroom and ESD brushes because horse hair is non-conductive.

Horse Hair Brush Manufacturer

Gordon Brush manufactures more than 15,000 different brushes, including horse hair brushes. Whether you need multiple cases of a standard brush, or assistance with designing a custom brush for a specific application, you can rely on Gordon Brush!