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Floor Squeegees

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Straight Heavy Duty

Manufactured with heavy gauge zinc-plated steel back. Genuine neoprene blade has excellent wearing qualities. Steel handle accepts any Speed Sweep ® bolt-in handle with 3/8" stud, all steel #M190300 handle recommended.

Curved Heavy Duty

Heavy gauge steel back is curved for water retention. Neoprene squeegee blade is chemical and abrasion resistant. Steel socket accepts any Speed Sweep ® bolt-in handle with 3/8" stud. All-steel handle #M190300 recommended.

Moss Rubber in Steel Housing

Flex Squeegy™ has a soft blade that works well on smooth and textured floors. Double blade dramatically reduces floor drying time. Blades are closed-cell foam material commonly called "moss." Requires handle #M191000, #M190300 or #M191200 sectional handle with 3/8" stud.

Flip Flop®

Socket attachment allows for forward and backward strokes. Blade is split down the middle for double scraping surface and faster drying. Accepts any Speed Sweep® handle with 3/8" stud.

Moss Flip Flop®

Combines features of moss rubber with popular Flip Flop® style. Unique socket allows for both backward and forward motion, while the moss rubber blade leaves the surface especially dry. Accepts handle #M190300, #M191000 or #M191200 sectional handle.

Hygenic Moss

Can be used in food processing, food service, laboratories, healthcare, or anywhere hygienic cleaning tools are required. Polypropylene housing holds a moss rubber squeegee blade. Has unique handle socket with a compression lock system for secure attachment. Requires HySweep® #M195615 (fiberglass) handle.