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Miniature brushes

Miniature brushes are useful in a broad array of applications, such as:
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Finishing
  • Deburring
  • And more

Gordon Brush offers an assortment of top quality micro brushes, manufactured from the finest materials and designed for superior performance in any application.

Our miniature brushes are available in a variety of styles and configurations; with natural, synthetic, or wire bristles; and with metal or plastic handles. Our large, in-stock inventory makes it easy to find the ideal micro brush for your unique application.

Gordon Brush also offers custom brushes made to your exact specifications. Order the brush your application requires online, or contact us for a custom quote or for more information.

  Abrasive Micro Spiral Brushes
  Starting at $7.13/ea
  Acid/Sash/Parts Cleaning Brushes
  Starting at $9.49/ea
  Anti-Static ESD Brushes
  Starting at $5.14/ea
  Single-Sided Applicator Brushes
  Starting at $5.14/ea
  Artist and Forensic Brushes
  Starting at $2.60/ea
  Artist Brushes
  Starting at $5.59/ea
  Chemical Resistant
  Starting at $4.69/ea
  Conductive ESD Brushes
  Starting at $6.20/ea
  ESD and Cleanroom Brushes
  Starting at $5.14/ea
  Other FDA Compatible Brushes
  Starting at $5.43/ea
  Flow Thru Brushes
  Starting at $7.29/ea
  Insulative Brushes
  Starting at $5.43/ea
  Medical Applicator Brushes
  Starting at $5.14/ea
  Instrument Cleaning Brushes
  Starting at $9.49/ea
  Medical Micro Spiral Brushes
  Starting at $4.61/ea
  Medical Thread Cleaning Brushes
  Starting at $5.70/ea
  Miniature Brushes
  Starting at $2.60/ea
  Non-Sparking Brushes
  Starting at $5.14/ea
  Miniature Vacuum Brushes
  Starting at $32.00/ea
  Starting at $4.61/ea
  Static Dissipative ESD Brushes
  Starting at $5.90/ea
  Artist Stencil Brushes
  Starting at $3.27/ea

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