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Part Number: M597170
$270.00 per pkg
$270.00 each
(Sold in packages of 1 for $270.00 per pkg)

The most effective way to pre-sanitize plates. Platescrape is used by gliding one plate at a time in-between the brushes, easily scraping off any food soil on the plate.

The Platescrape has been third-party tested to work 40% faster and to use 93% less water than the average spray nozzle. Spray nozzles use drinkable tap water that is heated to 120°F, so using Platescrape will help reduce your electric bill as well as your water bill.

  • Nylon 6.125" bristles provide long lasting strength
  • Holds 4.4 gallons of water
  • High temperature dishwasher-safe plastic



 1+ packages
 $270.00 (price per item $270.00)
 100+ packages
 $299.95 (price per item $299.95)
 500+ packages
 $299.95 (price per item $299.95)
 1000+ packages
 $299.95 (price per item $299.95)