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Standard Brushes

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If a brush exists, we have it... If it doesn’t exist, we’ll make it. All sizes, all types, all materials. Choose from more than 2,000 standard brushes, including cylinder brushes, wire brushes, round brushes and more. Custom Brushes are also available.

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Standard Brush Styles

Gordon Brush designs and manufactures a huge variety of brushes. We may call them “standard brushes,” but they’re far from ordinary. Our brushes are made from the highest quality materials using proven techniques that ensure exceptional durability and long working lives. No matter what style you need, Gordon Brush offers the best brushes in the business.

Abrasives & Buffs: Ideal for scrubbing, deburring, banding, and buffing applications, these brushes are designed for constant, even contact with surfaces. Precision machined cores with superior quality nylon filaments or linen brush pads.

Applicator & Acid Brushes: These brushes are perfect for use in medical and other specialized applications. Available with metal or engineered-plastic handles and a wide range of bristle materials, from horse hair to titanium. Autoclave-ready, static dissipative, or conductive models are available.

Block Brushes: Perhaps the most basic style of brush we offer, block brushes are also the most versatile. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, these brushes are useful for countless applications.

Bore Brushes: Designed to clean both the wall and bottom of a blind hole, our bore brushes are available in several sizes to meet your needs. Nylon and stainless steel bristles are available, as well as static dissipative models for flammable or explosive applications.

Duster Brushes: This category includes specialized models for fine dusting, all-purpose cleaning, and aggressive dusting. Feather duster and broom styles are also available. Manufactured in a range of sizes, configurations, and handle and bristle materials.  

Flow Thru Brushes: Gordon Brush’s flow thru brushes are specially designed for the dispensation and application of liquids and fluids through the bristles. Numerous configurations and bristle materials are available. 

Metal Free Tube Brushes: These brushes are available in flexible, standard, or rigid styles to provide superior cleaning of straight or curved pipes, tubes, and valves. Manufactured from 100% food grade polypropylene to avoid scratching surfaces. 

The FootMate System: FootMate is a complete foot care system designed to clean, soothe, stimulate, and massage your feet in the shower. Specially contoured bristles massage and clean your feet and save you from bending and stretching.

Hand Held Brushes: Used for myriad cleaning applications, our hand held brushes feature comfortable handles for easy grip. Available with aluminum, plastic, or wood handles; a wide range of bristle materials are available, including “custom” materials.

Instrument & Parts Cleaning: Ideal for cleaning delicate instrumentation and smaller parts, these brushes are manufactured using special techniques to prevent bristle loss that could negatively affect equipment. Various configurations and bristle materials are available. 

Heavy Duty Wood Handle Brushes: Designed for tougher cleaning applications, these brushes are available in a variety of unique configurations. Manufactured with sturdy wooden handles and a range of bristle materials, including “custom” materials. 

Miniature Brushes: Gordon Brush’s micro brushes are useful for a broad array of applications, from cleaning and polishing to finishing and deburring. Superior designs and a number of available bristle materials make our miniature brushes the best you’ll find anywhere.

Rotary Cylinder & Roller Brushes: Available in wheel, cylinder, cup, and other configurations, these brushes are specially designed to maximize surface contact during rotation. A variety of bristle materials are available to meet the needs of your application. 

Specialty Brushes: We offer vacuum brushes, anti-static brushes, acid-resistant brushes, and more. These brushes deliver superior performance in harsh environments, high temperatures, and other challenging applications. 

Speedy Sweep Battery Powered Cordless Sweeper: This lightweight, powerful device handles dirt, dust, and bulkier debris quickly and easily. A rechargeable battery offers up to 90 minutes of operation on a single charge. Wall mount and battery charger are included.

Spiral Brushes: Duct and flue brushes, condenser tube brushes, spoke brushes—no matter what type of spiral brush you need, Gordon Brush has it! We offer models designed for manual use or for power tool-operation. Numerous bristle materials are available.  

Strip Brushes: Also known as metal channel back brushes, our strip brushes are durable, versatile, and customizable to meet the needs of countless applications. A range of sizes are available, along with numerous bristle materials, including conductive and static dissipative materials.