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Gordon Brush Videos

  • Gordon Brush Manufacturing Capabilities
    Gordon Brush is the leader in industrial, specialty and custom brush manufacturing. Our state of the art facility has manufacturing capabilities for every style and size of brush Check out all our brush manufacturing capabilities!
  • Featured on "World's Greatest!"... TV Show
    Find out why Gordon Brush is the “World’s Greatest!...” industrial brush manufacturer! The “World’s Greatest...” television show, that introduces some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, and people in the world.
  • Gordon Brush on the Discovery Channel's "Factory Made"
    Gordon Brush's industrial brush manufacturing capabilities are featured on the Discovery Channel's "Factory Made" show.  See the complex step-by-step process of how a seemingly simple small scratch brush is made.  A tremendous investment in automation, including robotics contributes to the creation of the American made finished brush. The 4:37 minute clip details how the use of modern manufacturing methods allows for success when competing with countries with lower wages and manufacturing costs.
  • Speedy Sweep Sweeper
    The Speedy Sweep is lightweight and powerful. It employs a Nickel-Metal Hydride battery that runs up to 90 minutes on a single charge. The battery powered roller brush sweeps dirt and bulkier items into its dustpan, which is easily removed for emptying. The Speedy Sweep comes with a wall mount, a compact power adapter for charging, and special pet hair brush roller.

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