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 Tufted Cylinder Brush

2" Dia. Tufted Cylinder Brush

Part Number: 900138*
Clearance Item
$48.50 per pkg
$48.50 each
(Sold in packages of 1 for $48.50 per pkg)

Tufted Cylinder:
Brush Face - 2.93" Long x 2" Diameter 
Bristle Material - .003 Level Natural Nylon (very soft)
Core Material - Polypropylene
Core Dimensions- 3.28" Length x 1-1/4" Diameter x 1/2" Diameter Arbor Hole with .212" wide x .16" deep end slot (one end)

Estimated Inventory: 7
(Inventory sold as discounted price, anything else will need to be quoted.)  



 Fill Material:
 Core Material:
 Bristle Diameter:
 Inner Diameter:
 Brush Face Width:
 Overall Length: