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Fill Material
Phosphor Bronze


Handle Length
Handle Width
Brush Face Length
5 5/8"
Brush Face Width
Handle Material
Under $5
$5 - $9.99
$10 - $14.99
$15 - $19.99
$20 - $24.99
$25 & Above
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Scratch Brushes and Platers' Brushes

Gordon Brush® offers a variety of scratch brush and plater's brush options to meet your needs. Multiple sizes and handle styles are available, with numerous fill material choices, including brass, stainless steel, nylon, horsehair, and others. If we don’t have a scratch brush or plater's brush that meets your needs in stock, we can create a custom brush to match your unique requirements.

Follow the links below to find the right scratch brush or plater's brush for your application, or use the filters at left to narrow your search. Order your brushes today, or contact us for more information.

Quality Scratch and Plater Brushes

At Gordon Brush® we offer a large selection of scratch and platers' brushes for your specific application. Multiple sizes and handle styles are available for you to select from; if you don’t see what you need, we can make it! With numerous fill material choices, including brass, stainless-steel, nylon, horsehair, and others, we can guarantee you will find what you need. If we don’t have a scratch brush or platers' brush that meets fits your current project, we can create a custom brush to match your unique requirements. No brush request is too difficult for us to manufacture. We want to make sure your Gordon Brush® shopping experience and brush products are of the highest quality.

Gordon Brush’s robust heavy-duty scratch brushes with an attached scraper are ideal for cleaning paint, rust and dirt off welds and castings. Solid hardwood shoe handle scratch brushes are perfect for cleaning abrasion-resistant materials and the long handle scratch brushes for uniform cleaning in long narrow areas. Our platers’ brushes are designed for hand brushing, plating and fine metal finishing. The fill materials are softer than those used in scratch brushes with natural bristles being a popular choice along with very fine metallic bristle.

The beauty of our website’s search function is its ability to provide you with the precise specs you’re looking for when it comes to scratch and platers' brushes. Choose your fill material, trim, rows, handle length, handle width, brush face length and so much more! Don’t think we only allow you to choose your fill material and handle type; absolutely not! Our top-of-the-line Brush Wizard enables you to pinpoint the exact measurements and brush make your application needs to get the most perfect brush out there. We guarantee it!

Click on the images above to find the right scratch and platers' brush for your application. If you are wishing to select a specific brush with unique requirements for your project, simply use the filters at left to narrow your search. The results then should show you the options we have in stock, and the package sizes we provide. Finding the right brush shouldn’t be difficult, with Gordon Brush®, it isn’t. Don’t hesitate in choosing to work with us, we are the leading provider in all brushes needed for projects or jobs utilizing applicator brushes across the nation.

Contact us for more information or questions about our scratch and plater brushes or any other of our quality brushes. Order with us today and you won’t be left disappointed. If a brush exists, we have it…if it doesn't, we'll make it!

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