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Hand-Laced Brushes

Fill Material
Goat Hair
Hog Bristle
Nylon (Static Dissipative)
Phosphor Bronze
Stainless Steel
Handle Material
Plastic (Acetal)
ESD Category
Static Dissipative
Under $5
$5 - $9.99
$10 - $14.99
$15 - $19.99
$20 - $24.99
$25 & Above
Number of Categories: 1    

Hand-Laced Brushes

Laminated plywood handle, bent for knuckle protection, designed to facilitate cleaning at unusual angles and hard to reach places. Filled with tufts of various rows and materials

Hand-laced brushes are the premium brushes in the industry. Each fiber tuft is tied into position by hand, resulting in a superior quality brush with heavy density and maximum fiber retention. Nylon twine or stainless steel wire is used in the hand-lacing process, ensuring that bristle or fill materials remain secure even in wet environments. When searching for the largest variety in hand-laced brushes, Gordon Brush® is your best bet in finding the high quality brushes to complete your project. Our toothbrush-style hand-laced brushes are available in laminated plywood, aluminum, and Delrin® handles, specifically bent for knuckle protection when you are working on your task. In addition, we have long handle and 60˚ angle hand-laced brushes designed to facilitate cleaning at unusual angles and hard to reach places. If your project seems impossible with the kind of brush you need, we can help.

At Gordon Brush® we offer a variety of brush options that you can select from. Some of our specifications can be customized by fill material, handle material, and an ESD category. Selecting your perfect hand-laced brush can be even more specific! One may select from a variety of fill material: aluminum, brass, hog bristle, horsehair, nylon, PEEK, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, Thunderon®, and titanium. If you don’t see the fill material you need, we can customize it! In addition to choosing the fill material, our handle materials can be customized using aluminum, plastic, and wood including for use in ESD categories ranging from anti-static to conductive. Finding the right brush for your task shouldn’t be difficult. At Gordon Brush®, we will work with your needs and create the perfect fit brush for your project!

Our hand-laced brush packages are commonly sold in a 12 or 25 pack, but if you need a bulk order, we will work with you. Simply select from the options in the drop-down menu items below and the filtered results will show the brush you are looking for.

Contact Gordon Brush® today for more information on our customized hand laced brushes or other brush requests for every project you may have. If a brush exists, we have it…if it doesn't, we'll make it

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