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Brushes by Industry > Printing and Engraving

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Printing and Engraving

In today's printing industry there is a requirement for high quality brushes. They are an important component of many offset press sheet feeder, sheet steadier and press blanket wash systems. Static electricity is a major problem in the printing and engraving industry. During printing process, the most important factor to effect on the quality of the products is static electricity. Strong static electrical charges even causes sparking or fire. Anti-static brushes are used where there is a need to reduce particle contamination from a static charge. Anti-static, Thunderon® brushes, and Corona Cord™ material are used to control and eliminate static electricity. Different types of rollers (commonly used for holding down materials, straightening the product or to help move along paper), block, and "paster" brushes are used in high speed presses. Bristle brushes are used to clean the printing plate without the worry of damage and paster brushes are used to attach one roll to another.

Duster Brushes (28)
Handheld Brushes (1946)
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Acid Brushes (28)
Applicator Brushes (94)
Strip Brushes (92)




Spiral Wound Coil Brushes (8)



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