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Gordon Brush Earns ISO 9001 Certificate

Date: 2011-03-31
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

COMMERCE, CA --Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. announced today that the Preferred Registrar Group, Inc. (PRG) of Madison Heights, MI has registered them ISO 9001:2008 Certified as of February 11, 2011. According to the certificate, "Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. has implemented a Quality Management System scope in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The scope...Governs: manufacture and assembly of standard, specialty and custom brushes for the commercial, aerospace, military, medical and electronics industries. Certificate registration number 10-R8095."

Ken Rakusin, President and CEO of the company since 1990 has built Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. to an industry leader consisting of 100,000 square feet and almost 100 employees. The company is currently under expansion. "This certification means everything to us. We take immense pride in our quality systems and employee involvement. Each of us is committed to providing our valued customers the best possible products and services available. We maintain rigorous internal auditing, ongoing assessments, and high performance from all our internal systems. We focus on continuous improvements within all our production including design and customer service. We uphold stringent requirements of product appearance and quality. We strive to exceed our competitors, continually improving our products through technology and customer satisfaction."
About ISO 9000...
ISO 9000 originated in Europe in response to the growing market need for a set of standardized guidelines for quality management and quality assurance. It is currently adopted in over 90 countries and is applicable to a wide selection of industries. Its certification is used as a means to identify companies that visibly focus and commit to ensuring the best possible products and services to their customers. It is a completely voluntary certification that is achieved only through a rigorous registration audit and regular external surveillance audits by third party ISO assessors.

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of over 15,000 specialty, custom and standard brushes for industrial purposes and stocks over 2,000 different brushes for same day shipment. Gordon Brush sells to the: medical; electronics; manufacturing; military; aerospace; and pharmaceutical industries. Visit: Click here for GordonBrush.com

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