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Gordon Brush on the Discovery Channel's "Factory Made"

Brass Scratch Brush Manufacturing

Gordon Brush's industrial brush manufacturing capabilities are featured on the Discovery Channel's "Factory Made" show.  See the complex step-by-step process of how a seemingly simple small brass scratch brush is made.  The scratch brushes are made using thin strips of wood veneer, crisscrossing the grains for added strength. Brass bristle material is used, so the brush is strong enough to scrape and clean, but soft enough that it won’t cause scratches. 72 brass bristles fill each hole on the scratch brush, for a total of 1520 wires per brush!

Numerous styles and sizes of brass scratch brushes are also available from Gordon Brush.

Industrial Brush Manufacturing Technology

A tremendous investment in automation, including robotics contributes to the creation of the American made finished brush. The 4:37 minute clip details how the use of modern industrial brush manufacturing methods allows for success when competing with countries with lower wages and manufacturing costs.

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