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Constructed with the highest quality natural or synthetic bristle material - Camel Hair, Goat hair, Red Sable, Squirrel, and Taklon™ - our full line of Artist and Detail brushes are available in a large assortment of sizes and shapes such as oval, flat, and round brushes. Several styles are manufactured using solvent resistant glue to help ensure bristle retention while using solvents and other chemicals. Additionally, we manufacture a number of detail brushes with unpainted wood handles for use with chemicals that cause conventional painted handles to peel or chip.

Please be advised that handle color and bristle color may vary from order to order and within any given order.  Differences are due to supply variability at the time of purchase.  Also, please note that "natural" hair bristle material can vary within a given batch.  The quality of each brush, however, is NEVER compromised.

How to Measure Artist Brushes:

How to measure artist brushes