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Hygienic / Sanitary Brushes

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Hygienic / Sanitary Brushes

Locating high-quality hygienic or sanitary brushes for your particular application can be difficult. Gordon Brush® makes it easy to provide our customers with a large selection of dependable brushes. The company takes pride in designing unique and quality hygienic products that stand out from the rest. That’s precisely why we are America’s top-rated brush manufacturer for several years in a row. If you need a hygienic or sanitary brush for your specific application, choose from one of our many stock brushes.

Especially when your work requires a clean area, we want to make sure you have a brush that reaches all the tough spots, and gets the job done. All of our hygienic brushes are metal free with a choice of shapes, styles,  fill material, and sizes. Many of our hygienic brushes are FDA compliant and manufactured using fused polypropylene fill materials that minimize the potential for trapping bacteria and other contaminants. This means that they can be used in food service and healthcare settings. That’s why huge corporations across the world trust us with their cleaning materials – we provide the best brushes at the best prices with the most customization abilities.

Take a look through the hygienic brushes we offer using our Artificial Intelligence shopping tool to find the specific brush you need. If our stock selection of sanitary brushes doesn’t fit your requirements, create your own Custom Brush from our website. Pick a style, customize fill material, overall length, brush diameter, filament diameter, and even brush length to make the perfect brush just for you. When we say custom, we mean custom. Shopping online for industrial brushes has never been easier!

If you need further assistance with the specifications of your order or have questions about your custom hygienic brush order, contact our brush experts today! We can help you create or find the brush that is perfect for you or get the answers you need to place an order. Don’t stress about shopping on our website, our professional and knowledgeable staff works very closely with our customers to help them simplify their search and leave satisfied  with their order. Contact one of our Customer Service representatives today on 1-800-950-7950!

If the brush exists, we have it. If you can’t find it, we will make it!

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