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Insulative Brushes

Insulative brushes have a surface resistivity of 1012 - 1016 and are an inexpensive water resistant alternative to Anti-Static Brushes. They are best used in an environment where static is not critical to the task at hand or where the brush is submerged in liquid when in use.

What makes a brush insulative?

Only specific materials are used when making an insulative brush. In the industrial brush world, insulative materials prevent any type of electrical charge from moving through a surface or through their structure. This can be extremely important to many types of job applications and industries. Furthermore, charges placed in one spot on an insulative object will stay in that particular location to prevent any unwanted transfer. In other words, if a charged insulator is grounded, charges will not move to ground. This act is precisely where the term “insulation” comes from. Gordon Brush® typically uses our specialist Nylon; Statigo9, static-dissipative Nylon or horsehair fill materials and handles made of acetal or Delrin to manufacture insulative brushes.

Since these types of industrial brushes do not allow charge movement, they can also accumulate massive amounts of charge at the same time. The beauty of this style allows that built up or stored energy, can gradually become neutralized through recombination with free ions. Gordon Brush® produces top-of-the-line insulative nylon brushes simply because they are an economical water-resistant alternative to anti-static brushes. Thus, in applications where static isn’t critical, our insulative brushes are ideal for your specific application.

Here at Gordon Brush®, we have a full line of brushes in stock. This includes, insulative brushes. Now, if you are unable to find the perfect insulative brush within our online catalog, don’t fret. Our friendly team of brush experts can create a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom insulative brush for you! You have free reign to combine any bristle or fill material with any handle material you’d like with specify specific dimensions too. There are no limits to what you can create here with our custom brush factory.

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