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Thunderon® Duster Brushes

Fill Material
Thunderon/Goat Hair
Handle Material
ESD Category
Under $5
$5 - $9.99
$10 - $14.99
$15 - $19.99
$20 - $24.99
$25 & Above
Number of Categories: 1    

Have you been looking for a long-lasting, top-quality brush that can dissipate an electrical charge on any charged surface? At Gordon Brush® we have what you’ve been looking for with the Thunderon® duster. This unique ESD safe brush is available with 100% Thunderon® or a mixture of Thunderon® and Goat hair. Thunderon® is a conductive filament which is ideal for use in a wide variety of electrical dusting and cleaning applications. Thunderon® is an extremely soft (0.0015” diameter) acrylic fiber that has been chemically bonded with a layer of copper sulfide. The outer layer becomes a part of the host fiber itself, which precludes the flaking problem experienced by other conductive fibers. This special fiber will dissipate a charge on any electrically charged surface. The surface resistivity of Thunderon® is 102 Ω/cm. The mixture of Thunderon® and Goat Hair, while still quite soft, is stiffer than 100% Thunderon® and is less expensive.

In addition to the conductive properties of the Thunderon® fill material, the plastic handle is also conductive with a surface resistivity of 105 Ω/cm. Please note that conductive fibers are NOT recommended for use with unencapsulated electronic microcircuits. This is because minute pieces of conductive material have been known to cause short circuits. Your safety and the correct use of our brushes is foremost, so if you have additional questions about this specific brush, please contact us for more information about all of our ESD safe brushes.

At Gordon Brush® we provide customers with the ability to customize their brushes to their specific project needs. On our website, you will see there are various drop-down menus from where you can select your brush specifications. Some of these specifications you can choose from include: fill material, brush face length, handle length, handle width, handle material, ESD category and trim length. Once you filter your results, the brushes that have met your chosen specifications will appear. If you cannot find the specific brush you need for your application, contact us and we can customize a Thunderon® duster to meet your specific needs. 0.0043" Thunderon® is available on special order.

If you need additional help selecting your Thunderon® duster, contact Gordon Brush® today for more information. If a brush exists, we have it…If it doesn’t we'll make it! Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives today on 1-800-950-7950.

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