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Brushes by Industry > Food Service

Number of Categories: 15

Food Service

Brushes used in the food service industry are diverse. They include: Spiral/Twisted-in-Wire brushes that clean inside drains, valves, tubes and other types of fittings; Utility and scrub brushes that are used for cleaning a variety of surfaces; floor brooms and squeegees; dusters for counter tops; paint and applicator brushes; flow-through brushes; and scratch brushes for removing caked-on debris.

Bakery Brushes: Gordon Brush® manufactures many different types of brushes that are used in commercial bakeries. These include: brushes for cleaning out the ovens; coil-wound brushes; heavy-duty wire oven brushes; soft nylon brushes for dislodging crumbs; brushes for cleaning fryers, pastry brushes, and utility brushes.

Counter Duster (13)
FDA Compatible Brushes (154)
Hand-Laced Brushes (101)

Hygienic Brushes (5)
Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies (214)
Metal Free Tube Brushes (81)

Specialty Paint Brushes (17)
Ring Handle Spiral Brushes (20)
Spiral Wound Coil Brushes (8)

Strip Brushes (92)
Synthetic Bristle Paint Brushes (29)
Tufted Cylinder Brushes (6)

Utility and Scrub Brushes (26)
Valve Brushes (4)



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