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Brushes by Industry > Janitorial and Sanitation

Number of Categories: 12

Janitorial and Sanitation

The traditional definition of Jan/San (Janitorial/Sanitation) was any item used to clean, disinfect, and sanitize a work environment, to include products that related to the daily maintenance of that clean environment. Janitorial/sanitation can be broken into segments, depending on which industry and can include paper products and dispensers; waste receptacles and liners; chemicals and general cleaners; floor care and maintenance; brooms and brushes; large cleaning equipment; skincare and hygiene; healthcare amenities; and facilities maintenance. The ISSA, is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide.

Bowl Brushes (4)
Broom & Squeegee Handles (26)
Deck Scrubs (7)




Floor Brooms and Accessories (84)
Floor Squeegees (33)
Hygienic Brushes (5)




Mops (10)
Speedy Sweep Battery Powered Cordless (3)
Speed Sweep® Speedy Pak™ (8)


Speed Squeegy® Speedy Pak™ (8)
Utility Brushes (21)
Vehicle and Window Wash Brushes (5)



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