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3/16" Diameter Thunderon® 5/16" Trim and Stainless Steel Applicator Brush

3/16" Diameter Thunderon® 5/16" Trim and Stainless Steel Applicator Brush
3/16" Diameter Thunderon® 5/16" Trim and Stainless Steel Applicator Brush 1
Part Number: SST6T
$225.50 per pkg
$9.02 each
(Sold in packages of 25 for $225.50 per pkg)
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This conductive applicator brush has Thunderon® fiber clamped within a lightweight, conductive stainless steel handle. The handle is chemical resistant and non-magnetic. This brush is ideal for using in applications that are sensitive to static electricity where the promotion of corona discharge is required. Manufactured using strong mechanical clamping for maximum fiber retention, and is adhesive-free to prevent possible leaching on surface areas. This high quality brush has a trim of 5/16", handle dimensions of 4-1/2" length x 3/16" diameter, and a brush face width of 5/16". Thunderon® is a very fine and soft (0.0015" diameter) conductive acrylic fiber that is chemically bonded with copper sulfide. This high-performance fiber will dissipate a charge on any electrically charged surface. The fineness of the fiber lends itself to be used in applications that require non-contact corona discharge on static-charged surfaces. The surface resistivity of Thunderon® is 10²Ω/cm. 

For other brush size options in this series using Thunderon®, see parts: SST2T, SST10T, SST12T

For information on why Thunderon® fiber shows better performance compared with other material: http://www.staticfaction.com/advantage.html

Conductive brushes have a surface resistivity range of 10²Ω/cm — 10⁴Ω/cm and are used to remove static buildup from the work surface. Conductive brushes will act as a conduit between the charged surface and the path to ground. They are made with fully conductive materials that are active static eliminators. Use conductive brushes with a wrist strap or other mechanism to provide a path to ground. (Note: Conductive fibers are not recommended for use with unencapsulated electronic microcircuits; minute pieces of conductive material have been known to cause short circuits.)




ESD Category:
Fill Material:
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Length:
Handle Diameter:
Brush Face Diameter:
Brush Face Width:
Additional Part #s:
SST6T, SST6TG, SST6TG-12 (NOTE: all part #'s are the same)


1+ packages
$225.50 (price per item $9.02)
4+ packages
$214.25 (price per item $8.57)
20+ packages
$201.50 (price per item $8.06)
40+ packages
$189.50 (price per item $7.58)