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30" Long Bonded Flap Brushes

30" Long Bonded Flap Brushes
30" Long Bonded Flap Brushes 1
Part Number: BF50030-5
$1,807.52 per pkg
$903.76 each
(Sold in packages of 2 for $1,807.52 per pkg)
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This 30"​ long bonded flap brush is constructed of flaps that extend outwards from a phenolic core. Ideal for all industrial and decorative finishing applications including use on circuit boards. The flaps are made of synthetic Nylon fibers and abrasive particles that are combined using special heat-resistant resin into a uniform non-woven material with exceptional performance characteristics. The design of this flexible and open structure has no tendency to clog. This high-quality, versatile cylinder brush has an outer diameter of 5", inner diameter of 1.97" and an abrasive grit of 500.

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Fill Material:
Non-Woven Abrasive
Inner Diameter:
1.97" (50mm)
Grit Size:
Overall Length:
30" (762mm)
5" (127mm)


1+ packages
$1,807.52 (price per item $903.76)
50+ packages
$1,644.84 (price per item $822.42)
250+ packages
$1,480.36 (price per item $740.18)
500+ packages
$1,332.32 (price per item $666.16)