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Bowl Brushes

Fill Material
Nylon (Static Dissipative)
Handle Material
Plastic (Acetal)
Material Strength
Average Duty (Stiff Bristle)
Bristle Diameter
Under $5
$5 - $9.99
$10 - $14.99
$15 - $19.99
$20 - $24.99
$25 & Above
Number of Categories: 1    

Bowl Brushes

Non-scratching, long lasting brush fills are chemical and solvent resistant. 

Finding the most durable, high-quality bowl brushes can be difficult. There are always so many options at your local stores and home retailers, but those aren’t necessarily the best quality of products you’d want. Let us make it easy on you: Gordon Brush® specializes in providing customers with a larger variety of brushes made with quality guaranteed. Get your industrial bowl brush from the American Made Brush Manufacturer known for its reputation, quality of product and customer satisfaction. Unlike many local brush stores, you can’t specify length, fill material, handle material, etc. on your bowl brush. If you don't find the exact stock brush to fit your application with us, you can customize your needs down to a "T" with our customization options for every type of brush we sell. Don’t just settle with any bowl brush, order the perfect bowl brush for your job or application from Gordon Brush®.

The category of bowl brushes stem from the scrubber family. These types of scrubbers are made with a non-scratching, long lasting brush fill that eases your rounded surface cleaning needs. In addition to that, they are also all chemical and solvent resistant for those specifically difficult jobs that call for a stronger brush. Our other options include non-sparking static dissipative bristles, with a static dissipative acetal handle material to help eliminate electrostatic discharge (ESD) and sparking concerns. Gordon Brush’s custom bowl brush options are endless!

If you can’t find the exact bowl brush you were looking for within our stock brush inventory, don’t worry. Your top-rated brush manufacturer can help you design your perfect brush for your needs, even if you’re not 100% sure what you need. Contact our friendly staff today about customization and we’d be happy to guide you through the process. Let us make the bowl brush of your dreams that exceeds your expectations.

If bowl brushes aren’t the only products you need, we’ve got hundreds of types of industrial cleaning brushes to browse. Use our AI driven Wizard to help you select the perfect brush for your application. Shop for whatever type of job, application or industry you work in for the exact brush to make your life easier. Make your monthly maintenance or cleaning schedule so much better with Gordon Brush's brushes. We’re here for you! Try one of our brushes now, they'll bowl you over!

If a brush exists, we have it…If it doesn't, we'll make it!

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