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Custom Flow Thru Brushes

A flow through brush is a handy brush used for application of liquids or glues. The base material and bristle material used in brush construction will depend on the application. The size of the flow through tube will depend on the amount of liquid you wish to disperse through the brush. Syringe, ferrule and nipple types are available. Gordon Brush® has many sizes in stock, and will make a custom or specialty flow thru brush to fit your need.

Since 1951 Gordon Brush® has been manufacturing flow through, stock industrial, custom and specialty brushes. Gordon Brush® currently has a brush on the moon, a brush on JPL's Cassini spacecraft, and has a brush that launched on JPL/NASA's Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor in January, 1999. Down on earth, Gordon Brush® has the capability to manufacture any brush to suit your specific needs. We have a team of expert design engineers that can help you select the brush materials most appropriate for your application, and provide computerized modeling of your design. This allows for the rapid creation of computer based prototypes, if they are required. It also allows for fast production of your product. Our design engineers have extensive experience in a variety of applications and will work with you to determine a brush that suits your needs.

For any other specific brushes you may need, further scan this Web site or call us at 1-800-950-7950 or 1-323-724-7777. If you know you need a custom brush you may download and complete the Custom Flow Thru Brush Design Form to request a quote. Gordon Brush® will get back to you within 24 hours with a quotation.

You may call, fax or e-mail us with your requirements, or you may fill out our online custom design form to request a quote. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a quotation.


General applications for any flow thru or specialty flow through brush are: Applying, Cleaning, Spreading, Lubricating, or Painting. Specific uses for flow through brushes can include, but are not limited to:

  • Controlled Application of Liquid Materials
  • Controlled Application of Glues
  • Controlled Application of Paints
  • Controlled Application of Dyes
  • Controlled Application of Cleaning Solutions
  • Controlled Application of Solvents

Sizes and Style

Sizes and style of a specialty brush almost completely depend on your application. The only issues we have are imposed by equipment constraints. Our equipment is state of the art machinery that manufacturers the widest variety of sizes possible. Talk to us about your application and we will work with you to make the product you need.

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Fill Material
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B. Fill Material Type:
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  - Fill Color:
  - Fill Style:
Order Quantity:
Annual Usage:
Ferrule Length:
Ferrule Material:
Ferrule-Thru Needle:
Needle Gauge:
(most common: 16-22 GA)
Luer Connection
Metal Hex
Hub Materials:
Threads (Gender):
Thread Size:
E. Hex Size:
(most common: 5/8")
Orifice Size (I.D.):
(most common: 3/32")
Other Special Dimension:
Metal Hex

Stamped Metal
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Tube Length:
Tube Diameter (O.D.):
Stamped Metal Tube

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