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Brushes by Industry > Electronics

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A wide variety of brushes are used in the electronics industry and many of the brushes have multiple uses:

Roller brushes are used for cleaning, polishing and de-burring printed circuit boards and other electronic components.

Anti-static brushes and Thunderon® brushes are widely used in the electronics industry and in the manufacturing of electrostatic charge sensitive products. They are made from low charging materials, often natural bristle materials that do not give or take electrons. This means they are essentially electrically neutral. Anti-Static brushes are also known as electro static discharge bushes ESD brushes), static eliminators, and (oddly) static brushes. Anti-static brushes are used throughout a variety of industrial and commercial applications where there is a need to reduce particle contamination from static charge.

Anti-static brushes will commonly be found in simple office printers, copiers, large-sized plotters, stretch wrappers, conveyors and any kind of high speed paper application.

Anti-static brushes are manufactured from natural materials like horse hair and hog others are also created from synthetic materials including Thunderon®, carbon fiber, static dissipative nylon or conductive nylon. Different kinds of anti-static brushes are appropriate for different applications, and special requirements will need to be met for anti-static brushes to be used in hazardous location (requiring anti-static brushes which will not cause sparks).

Abrasive Nylon Cylinder Brushes (26)
Anti-Static Brushes (116)
Conductive ESD Brushes (68)




Insulative ESD Brushes (25)
Static Dissipative ESD Brushes (38)
Rotary Pumice and Scrub Brushes (3)




Chemical Resistant - Round (9)
Chemical Resistant - Flat (6)
Stencil Brushes (7)




Spiral Wound Coil Brushes (8)
Strip Brushes (92)

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