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Brushes by Industry > Medical

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Brushes for the medical industry come in a diverse array of shapes, styles, sizes, and materials because the uses and applications are multi-varied. Gordon Brush® manufactures a broad range of medical brushes, twisted-in-wire medical brushes, micro twisted-in-wire medical brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, applicator brushes, scratch brushes, for example. These brushes are used in many settings including hospital, laboratory, clean room, medical and dental applications, scientific supply companies, and medical device manufacturers, especially those that manufacture orthopedic implants. For the latter, Gordon Brush® manufactures a line of titanium twisted-in-wire medical brushes; titanium twisted-in-wire medical brushes are used to deburr orthopedic implants which are made from titanium so that corrosion of the implant does not occur.

Applicator Brushes (45)
Cleanroom / Heat Tolerant (12)
Metal Free Tube Brushes (81)

Micro Spiral Brushes (42)
Other Brushes (12)
Ring Handle Spiral Brushes (37)

Thread Cleaning Brushes (36)
Toothbrush-Style Brushes (50)



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