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Paint Accessories

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We have a variety of roller accessories available including frames, mitts, trays, and liners.

Bucket Grids
A four sided metal grid permits use of paint roller direct from 5-gallon paint pot.

Extension Handles
Our extension handles come in three sizes: 48", 60", and 72", and feature either a threaded wood tip or threaded metal tip.

Synthetic Mitts
Multi-purpose for painting, washing, waxing, polishing, cleaning, and dusting.

Tray Sets
Budget Set (Plastic Tray) Includes: 9" x 3/8" roller cover, end cap frame, plastic tray
Deluxe Set (Metal Tray) Includes: 9" x 3/8" dynex solvent resistant cover, 9" birdcage frame, metal tray

Roller Frames
Birdcage: 4 wire, 1/4" shank, deluxe plastic threaded
Industrial: 5 wire, 5/16" shank, heavy duty plastic threaded
Wood Grip: 5 wire, 5/16" shank, wood grip with metal thread

Trays & Liners
Metal Tray: ladder lock legs, extra deep paint well
Plastic Tray: ladder lock legs, 1/2 gallon capacity, solvent resistant
Tray Liner: plastic insert for metal tray, solvent resistant

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