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1 x 10 Row 0.024" Abrasive Nylon Bristle Plywood Handle Brush

1 x 10 Row 0.024" Abrasive Nylon Bristle Plywood Handle Brush
1 x 10 Row 0.024" Abrasive Nylon Bristle Plywood Handle Brush 1
Part Number: 11ABP
$0.00 per pkg
$0.00 each
(Sold in packages of 25 for $0.00 per pkg)
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Toothbrush-style scratch brush with 0.024" Abrasive Nylon 320 grit Silicon Carbide bristle and a Plywood handle bent for knuckle protection. This rugged brush has a 1 x 10 row configuration, with a 7/16" trim, and a brush face of 1-1/2" x 1/8". Grains of silicon carbide encapsulated on the Nylon bristles deliver abrasive action from the whole surface area of these flexible bristles making this brush an ideal solution for light deburring and surface finishing in confined areas.