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Spiral Brushes

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Spiral Brushes, sometimes called twisted-in-wire brushes or twisted brushes, tube brushes or bottle brushes, pipe brushes, power or internal cleaning brushes come in many varieties and are made with many materials. Some spiral (tube) brushes have a long handle with a loop on the end for easy manual use, and are often used to clean tubes or bottles. Other spiral (tube) brushes are meant for use with power tools.

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Types of Spiral Brushes

Single spiral brushes have a single stem and can be made from wire, natural or synthetic bristles. Brushes for manual use and for use in power tools are available.

Double spiral brushes have a double stem, which provides extra strength. They can be made from a variety of wire or synthetic materials and are often used in power tools.  

Side action or paddle brushes have a stainless steel single-stem with side tufts for power tool use. Provides a high degree of bristle stiffness with minimal flexing. Holders for these brushes reduce bristle length for stiffer brush action and higher RPM.

Condenser tube brushes are manufactured with wire or synthetic bristles. They are available with either a single or double spiral stem. They have a layer of filament twisted between their stems for additional strength.

We also carry micro-spiral brushes.

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Spiral Brushes for Specific Applications

pipe brush A bottle brush, also called tube brush or pipe brush, is designed for cleaning narrow cylindrical areas. As the name implies, it is often used to clean test tubes, pipes and bottles.
duct cleaning brush A duct or flue brush is a heavy-duty, double-stem spiral brush filled with tempered steel or durable polypropylene. As the name implies, it is used often for cleaning ducts and flues. 
radiator brush A  radiator brush has a long, wood handle for cleaning coils, springs, registers, radiators and anywhere that requires and extended reach.Spoke Brushes are spiral brushes with a pointed end for any hard-to reach auto detailing.
spoke brush A spoke brush is a spiral brush with a pointed end for any hard-to reach auto detailing.
plumbing brush A refrigeration or plumbing brush is a double spiral, double-stem with stainless steel wire, galvanized steel stems and a plastic grip for cleaning fittings.


How to Measure Spiral Brushes:

How to measure spiral brushes