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Conductive ESD Brushes

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Conductive Brushes have a surface resistivity of 102 - 104 and are perfect to use when you need to remove static buildup from the work surface. Conductive brushes will act as a conduit between the charged surface and the path to ground. Made with fully conductive materials that are active static eliminators, your choice becomes the style and size that best works for you. Please use these brushes with a wrist strap or other mechanism to provide a path to ground.

Conductive brush materials range from metal wires such as brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel and carbon steel to fibers such as Conductive Nylon (carbon coated), carbon fiber and a special fiber called Thunderon®, one of Gordon Brushes softest synthetic fibers.

Thunderon® is a conductive fiber material that offers far greater control of static electricity, and superiority in overall performance than carbon coated conductive fibers. Thunderon® is a very thin / soft fiber made with an extremely conductive coating. It has good abrasion resistance, does not break easily, and has a strong anti-bacterial performance due to the nature of the surface coating. Conductive brushes are often used to dissipate charges on electronically charged surfaces and Thunderon is very effective at this. The surface resistivity of Thunderon is 102 - 103 Ω /cm . Goat hair is commonly mixed with Thunderon® to help reduce costs and to slightly stiffen the brush, since Thunderon® is so soft when used by itself.


Technically, Thunderon fiber is a an acrylic fiber that has been chemically bonded with a layer of copper sulfide. This outer layer becomes a part of the host fiber itself, which precludes the 'flaking' problem experienced by other conductive fibers. The fiber diameter is as fine as .004 cm (.0015") and its conductive layer is a super thin 300-1,000Å (angstroms). It has electrical specific resistance of 102 - 103 Ω /cm .


Following are links to Thunderon® and other Conductive brushes:

Thunderon® Brushes

Gordon brush offers a variety of Thunderon® brushes in standard styles and shapes to accommodate your needs. Brush styles range from the SST series (handles shaped like a pencil) to the Aluminum Handle Series (metal toothbrush style) to the Thunderon® Brushes. The Thunderon® Brushes are made in three standard handle sizes and are similar to drafting brushes in shape. All three handle styles are made with blackk conductive plastic that has a surface resistivity of ~ 10Ω / cm.

All brush styles with 100% Thunderon® material are very soft because of the fineness of the fiber. There are also brushes available with a mixture of Thunderon® and Goat Hair. The mixture of Thunderon® and Goat Hair, while still quite soft, is stiffer than 100% Thunderon® and is less expensive.

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